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Transitions PRO:
Practice Made Perfect.

Transitions PRO – Professional Resources Online – puts a world of resources at your fingertips, giving eyecare professionals in all walks of the industry the information, tools, strategies and materials needed to better serve your patients and grow your practices.

Hundreds of valuable resources at your fingertips

The resources on Transitions PRO take many forms, from single white papers written by some of the smartest minds in the optical industry to comprehensive training courses designed to help today's eyecare professionals to meet the ever-changing needs of discerning patients. We've categorized them – and organized them – to help make your experience here both pleasurable and rewarding.

Point of Sale

There is no substitute for hands-on demonstration of the performance of Transitions lenses. We offer one of the most comprehensive libraries of demonstration tools and sales materials in the entire industry.

Online POS

Our interactive online portal allows you to quickly and easily review and order materials for your practice.

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Websites & Web Tools

From online product demonstrators to interactive training exercises and informative landing pages, Transitions PRO can put the entire Transitions family of brands at your fingertips.

Presenting Transitions® Lenses to Patients

This self-guided product training resource is just the beginning when it comes to interactive product engagement and learning.

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You'll find a range of image resources at your disposal, including downloadable banner ads, logos, photography and Transitions branding elements.

Logo: Transitions® Light Intelligent Lenses™

Official Transitions logos are available for download along with complete usage guidelines.

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We offer a wealth of education and training tools as well as informative presentations to enrich your colleagues as well as teach your patients about the performance and benefits of Transitions products.

Transitions® lenses and Blue Light

Take an in-depth look at three Transitions products that help protect against harmful blue light, indoors and outdoors.

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The Transitions lenses product and technology stories come to life in a library of videos that explore everything from the products themselves to tips and techniques for presenting them to your patients. A wealth of info.

Blue Light

Learn about how all Transitions lenses help protect against harmful blue light indoors and outdoors.

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From white papers to sell-sheets to dispensing tips and beyond, we invite you to explore a host of downloadable documents that you can share with your associates and your patients.

5 Patient Questions About Photochromics You Should be Ready For

This document outlines the top 5 questions that patients ask about photochromic lenses. Resources like this help you prepare for a satisfying patient experience.

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There's always something happening with the Transitions brand of products. If you have ever visited Transitions Academy or experienced one of our seminars or local events, you know what we mean.

Opening Video – Welcome To Transitions Academy.

Here is a brief introduction to Transitions Academy, one of the most respected events in all the optical industry. Be sure to share with your team!

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