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“You are the key to patient satisfaction. How you present, display and demonstrate Transitions® lenses products is the single most important factor in your patients getting the products and care they need the most.”

- Dr. Linda Chous

Learn From Our Innovation Award Winners

Best in Training - Hunter’s Hill Eyecare Center

Best in Training

Hunter’s Hill Eyecare Center

One of the largest private practices in York, PA.

Hunter’s Hill Eyecare Center focused on creating ambassadors within their practice through initiatives like their attendance at the Studio and completing the certification program. This helped them share the excitement around Transitions® lenses with their patients.

Tactics & Approach

  • Focus on Transitions lenses in all facets of their practice and made training a big initiative in 2021.
  • Sent one of their opticians to Transitions Studio where they became a Certified Trainer and were able to share their knowledge from the event with the rest of the staff to create excitement around the products.
  • Made sure their staff completed the Transitions Certification Program and became Transitions Specialists.
  • Their training helped their doctors with bringing up Transitions lenses during the exam to educate patients on topics like light sensitivity and protection.
  • Saw a 58% increase in pairs of Transitions lenses sold and a 53% increase in share of overall sales from 2019 to 2021.
US Eyecare Practice of the Year - Austin Ryan Optika

US Eyecare Practice of the Year

Austin Ryan Optika

An Optometric-Optical Boutique with two locations in New York.

Austin Ryan Optika achieved strong results through impressive training and marketing efforts. They used a great combination of existing resources and new, creative initiatives to help reach their patients and energize their team.

Tactics & Approach

  • Made it their goal in 2021 to create a campaign that would bring more product awareness and create a “WOW” moment for their team to pass on to their patients.
  • Educated the Austin Ryan Optika team through training like the Transitions Certification Program.
  • Had patients know the Transitions® lens products before they came in through marketing.
  • Started the conversation around Transitions lenses in the exam room.
  • Created in-house advertisement around Transitions lenses.
  • Created a WOW moment with a custom-built Transitions lens display.
  • Achieved a 22% increase in pairs of Transitions lenses sold and a 39% increase in the share of overall sales from 2019 to 2021.
Brand Ambassador - Dr. Jennifer Chinn

Transitions Brand Ambassador

Dr. Jennifer Chinn

A second-generation Optometrist and Transitions Change Agent who co-owns a practice with her father, based in San Diego, CA.

Dr. Jennifer Chinn is a long-time Transitions® lens fan and the perfect example of a Transitions Brand Ambassador. She shares her passion for Transitions lenses and eye care not only in her practice, but also with her strong following online.

Tactics & Approach

  • Objective for 2021 was to show Transitions lenses as a lifestyle brand and showcase how the different lenses can be utilized to customize your eyewear to fit daily needs.
  • Set her target demographic to between the ages of 25-34. Including young professionals, trendsetters and those who are beginning to take their choices on health and wellness more seriously.
  • Used social media platforms to post both photos and video content while wearing Transitions lenses in her life – showcasing her ten different pairs of eyewear with Transitions lenses in them in a variety of lifestyle events.
  • Made it a goal to showcase variety and show her followers all the possibilities with the Transitions lens portfolio in a variety of environments and activities.
  • Saw an increase in social media engagement and had more than 2x growth in following on her social media platforms in 2021.
  • In her practice, achieved a 36% increase in total Transitions lenses sold, resulting in a 2.33% increase in overall share.

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Join the Speaker's Bureau

Qualified industry speakers can have an opportunity to speak at educational events throughout the year. To become part of the Transitions Speaker’s Bureau attendance at Transitions Academy, the annual educational event held in February is highly encouraged. To learn more and inquire about Transitions Academy benefits, email Transitions customer service.

Transitions Pro Forum

The Transitions Pro Forum has been created as a way to formally recognize and reward those who are contributing their influence and opinions. Open by invitation only to professionals who have been identified as leaders in their field, the Pro Forum is made up of influential speakers, educators, association members, industry consultants, opinion leaders, eyecare professional managers and business owners.

Transitions Optical regularly seeks feedback from the Pro Forum during their annual term. The insights gained through these partnerships help us to deliver better products and support back to eyecare professionals and the patients who rely on them.

This program is currently at capacity.

Transitions Open Forum

The Transitions Open Forum, peer-to-peer, interactive sessions led by a Transitions Pro Forum facilitator will share best practices on subjects from increasing capture rate to providing a patient experience that earns repeat business. For more information or to book a facilitator, please contact customer service.