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The Transitions Innovation Awards program recognizes and celebrates partners and individual optical industry professionals from Canada and the U.S. who have shown the highest level of commitment to innovating their business.

Who can apply?

Nominations are open to:

  • Independent eyecare professionals and practices
  • Optical industry professionals and educators
  • National and regional retailers
  • Optical laboratories
  • Managed Vision Care companies
  • Lens manufacturers and buying groups


  • 2022 Transitions Healthy Sight Ambassador

    This award goes to the individual who best showcases their dedication to being an influential advocate of the Transitions brand by embodying one or more of Transitions’ values: quality, education, service, and innovation. This can include amplifying peer-to-peer conversations, social media, patient interactions, training efforts or promotion of healthy vision in their community.

  • Best in Training

    Presented to an organization that has shown creativity in developing or offering training and education opportunities that include dispensing photochromics. This could include integrating Transitions Optical’s education resources into staff or industry training efforts, or helping to increase participation in training events that include Transitions Optical (such as CE training seminars, education and other training offered through lab and/or lens manufacturer partners).

  • In the following five categories, nominees are judged on several factors including:
    • Strategic and creative marketing programs and promotions
    • Quality of education provided to optical employees or customers
    • Implementation of new/innovative technologies
    • Efforts to promote healthy sight in their local community
    • Support and involvement with public service programs
    • Diversity, equity and inclusion efforts
    • Sustainability efforts
    • Alignment to Transitions’ programs in these areas like the Transitions Certification Program
    • And an overall commitment to providing patients or customers with above and beyond service and education about the importance of light management as part of healthy sight.

    Please submit for one category that best applies to your business.

  • Canadian Retailer of the Year

    Awarded to a retailer for actively supporting Transitions’ values and demonstrating a commitment to enhancing the vision of their customers and communities. The award will be presented to one Canadian retailer with 20 or more locations.

  • U.S. Retailer of the Year

    Awarded to a retailer for actively supporting Transitions’ values and demonstrating a commitment to enhancing the vision of their customers and communities. The award will be presented to one U.S. retailer with 20 or more locations.

  • Eyecare Practice of the Year U.S.

    The Eyecare Practice of the Year Award recognizes independent eyecare practices and retailers with less than 20 locations in the U.S. that are actively promoting healthy sight to their patients and within their local communities, and who have demonstrated excellence in supporting Transitions’ values.

  • Eyecare Practice of the Year Canada

    The Eyecare Practice of the Year Award recognizes independent eyecare practices and retailers with less than 20 locations in Canada that are actively promoting healthy sight to their patients and within their local communities, and who have demonstrated excellence in supporting Transitions’ values.

  • Channel Partner of the Year

    Awarded to an optical laboratory, Managed Vision Care company, lens manufacturer or buying group that are actively promoting healthy sight to their customers and within their local communities; and have demonstrated excellence in supporting Transitions' values.

How To Enter

Show us your Transitions achievements in 2022! Using the evaluation areas provided below, create your entry in a PowerPoint or Word document using the templates below. Include any supporting materials, such as images and links to examples, to help tell your story. Please submit your entry by March 12, 2023.

  • Commitment and Inspiration

    What prompted your dedication to Transitions’ brand values this year? What was the inspiration behind your work? Was it in response to an existing problem or was it a new objective?

  • Goals

    What did you hope to achieve? Who were you trying to reach and how did their needs, preferences, opinions play a role?

  • Plan and Creativity

    How did you plan to achieve your goals? What innovative approaches did you use to help you succeed? Did you use a completely new approach, a tried-and-true tactic or a mix of both? How was the Transitions brand or products included in your plans? Be sure to take pictures along the way and include them in your entry!

  • Impact and Results

    How did things turn out? How did you evaluate your success? Did you meet - or exceed - your goals? How will you build on your success?

Nominees will be evaluated solely on the criteria listed for each Transitions Innovation Award. In evaluating nominees, Transitions will give no consideration to the volume or value of past, current, or anticipated business generated by the nominee for Transitions or any of its affiliates. Similarly, selection as a Transitions Innovation Award finalist or winner does not impose any obligation to purchase, order, arrange for, or recommend any products or services from Transitions or any of its affiliates.

Nominees are welcome to enter more than one category if eligible and can self-enter, or can be nominated by a lab, lens manufacturer, industry colleague or other industry organization representative. Please submit a separate entry for each category that you are entering. For additional information and questions, please contact Transitions Customer Service at

Congratulations to all the 2021 Transitions Innovation Awards Winners!

Best in Marketing

Best in Marketing, Austin Ryan Optika

Austin Ryan Optika is an Optometric-Optical Boutique with two locations in New York. In 2021, Austin Ryan Optika focused on highlighting Transitions® lenses in their pre-visit and in-office marketing initiatives.

To reach patients before their visit, Austin Ryan Optika redesigned their website to include the Transitions Eyeglass Builder and also created a social media campaign that featured team members wearing Transitions lenses to showcase the product. In office, they created their own media displays and movies that offered Transitions lens product videos looping for patients to watch, and created a lifestyle questionnaire for patients. The main highlight in office is their custom-built “WOW” display that showcased and demonstrated all Transitions lens products at once. The display incorporated videos and other Transitions branded materials, and could be activated by saying “Alexa turn on the sun” to turn on the UV lights and showcase the Transitions lenses in the display.

Best in Training

Best in Training, Hunter's Hill Eyecare Center

Hunter’s Hill Eyecare Center is one of the largest private practices in York, PA. They focus on Transitions® lenses in all facets of their practice and made training a big initiative in 2021.

Hunter’s Hill Eyecare Center sent one of their opticians to Transitions Studio where they became a Certified Trainer and were able to share their knowledge from the event with the rest of the staff to create excitement around the products. They also made sure their staff completed the Transitions Certification Program and became Transitions Specialists. Their training helped their doctors with bringing up Transitions lenses during the exam to educate patients on topics like light sensitivity and protection.

US Eyecare Practice of the Year

US Eyecare Practice of the Year, Austin Ryan Optika

Austin Ryan Optika is an Optometric-Optical Boutique with two locations in New York. They made it their goal in 2021 to create a campaign that would bring more product awareness and create a “WOW” moment for his teams to pass onto their patients.

This campaign included educating the Austin Ryan Optika team through trainings like the Transitions Certification Program, having patients know the Transitions® lens products before they came in through marketing, starting the conversation around Transitions lenses in the exam room, enforcing the proper lifestyle dispensing choices, creating in-house advertisement, and creating a WOW moment with their custom-built Transitions lens display.

Canada Eyecare Practice of the Year

Canada Eyecare Practice of the Year, MAVUE Marie Trudel

MAVUE Marie Trudel is led by Marie Trudel, an optician and the independent owner of the practice since 2010. In 2021, Marie and her team focused on their training to provide the best recommendations for their patients and to pass on their excitement around Transitions® lenses to their customers.

MAVUE Marie Trudel informed all clients regardless of age of the protection that Transitions lenses offer, recommending different products to meet the different needs and requirements of each client. They believe Transitions lenses are not an option - but an essential for clear lenses. MAVUE Marie Trudel also highlighted Transitions lenses with in-office marketing like Transitions posters and a display with Transitions lenses in frames to demonstrate the look of the new Transitions lens colors and how quickly they fade back to clear.

US Retailer of the Year

US Retailer of the Year, LensCrafters

LensCrafters, the leading optical retailer in North America, was founded in 1983 and currently operates over 1,000 stores in the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico.

In 2021, LensCrafters was dedicated to enhancing their overall associate trainings, consumer marketing, doctor engagements and the launch of Transitions® XTRActive® Polarized™ and Transitions® XTRActive® new generation. To support the launch of the new products LensCrafters implemented a training and engagement program for associates and ODs, created a full scale in-store merchandising kit, and partnered with Transitions on digital marketing tactics to round out their campaign. LensCrafters also sent key representatives to the 2021 Transitions Studio event and executed store contests on Transitions lenses.

Canada Retailer of the Year

Canada Retailer of the Year, Newlook Lunetterie•Eyewear

Newlook Lunetterie•Eyewear was founded in 1986 and now operates 79 stores with over 200 partner optometrists and 250 opticians across Canada. They focused on Transitions® lenses in 2021 through education and training, marketing initiatives, and promotions.

To focus on training, Newlook Lunetterie•Eyewear offered customized Transitions education through their “New Look Expert” internal training portal, participated in Transitions The Pulse and The Studio events, and had associates complete the Transitions Certification program. To elevate Transitions in-store presence, raise awareness on the Transitions style color lenses, and to lift sales on those specific products, Newlook Lunetterie•Eyewear created a Style Bar Road Show to bring a Transitions lenses Style Bar to 15 different locations for a two-week period. They also hosted multiple contests for staff to win a free fit of Transitions lenses and created a photochromic lens landing page on their website with product knowledge and information about the Transitions brand.

Brand Ambassador

Brand Ambassador, Dr. Jennifer Chinn

Dr. Jennifer Chinn is a second-generation Optometrist and Transitions Change Agent who co-owns a practice with her father, based in San Diego, CA. Dr. Chinn’s objective for 2021 was to show Transitions® lenses as a lifestyle brand and showcase how the different lenses can be utilized to customize your eyewear to fit daily needs.

She set her target demographic to between the ages of 25-34. Including young professionals, trend setters and those who are beginning to take their choices on health and wellness more seriously. She used social media platforms to post both photos and video content while wearing Transitions lenses in her life – showcasing her ten different pairs of eyewear with Transitions lenses in them in a variety of lifestyle events. She made it a goal to showcase variety and show her followers all the possibilities with the Transitions lens portfolio in a variety of environments and activities.

On social media, Dr. Jennifer Chinn saw an increase in engagement and had more than 2x growth in following on her social media platforms in 2021.