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Snap filter displayed on phone

The Transitions Snapchat Experience Is Here.

The custom Transitions Snapchat Lens is here. It's a virtual try-on experience that you and your patients will love. This lens will provide patients with the opportunity to try out Transitions® light intelligent lenses in a variety of fun eyeglass styles and settings, all on their phones! As you know, the best way to interest patients in Transitions lenses is to demonstrate them in action. That's where the custom Transitions Snapchat lens and free kit for your office come in!

Snap Our Custom Code!

Step 1: Download Snapchat.

Download and install Snapchat
(if you don’t already have it),
and launch the app.

Step 2: Scan The Code.

While in the app, scan the custom
Transitions Snapcode to unlock
the lens.

Step 3: Try Our Lens.

Our custom Snapchat lens will load
beside the capture button.
Swipe to select the custom
Transitions lens, then enjoy!

Step 4: Snap And Share.

Snap and share the experience with your patients.

Say cheese!

Sorry, kits are all gone!

Thanks for your interest in the Snapchat program! Unfortunately, we are out of Snapchat Lens Kits.

Below you'll find downloads for some of the materials included in the kit, which you can use as reference for understanding more about how to use and share the Transitions Snapchat Lens experience.