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Eyecare Professional Success Stories: “Kids”

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Big success comes in small recommendations

Let our downloadable success stories do the talking. From dispensing to children to general dispensing practices to everything in between, this series of informative and personal accounts will give you the story from the inside of the practice. And from some of the most prominent professionals practicing today.

Dr. Linda Chous of The Glasses Menagerie shares her experiences working with not only the young patient, but the parent as well in determining the best lens treatment options for the child’s needs. The Glasses Menagerie caters to children and has some tried and true methods to share in the dispensing of Transitions lenses.

Return often for more practices success stories and be sure to share them with your entire team. We know from experience that you are the key to patient satisfaction. How you present, display and demonstrate Transitions lenses products is the single most important factor in your patients getting the products and care they need the most. And to their complete satisfaction.