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Transitions Adaptive Lenses


While there’s a lot of new research about blue light from digital devices, the biggest risk isn’t your phone. It’s hiding in plain sight — the sun. But the good news is that Transitions lenses help filter harmful blue light threats, big and small, indoors and outdoors, where they need it most.

With a variety of lens colors that fit any frame, Transitions lenses block more than 85% of harmful outdoor blue light. So patients never have to sacrifice style for protection. That’s why 9 out of 10 people who try Transitions lenses love them. Explore the resources below to see why your patients will love them too.

A Lesson in Safety + Style

Take an in-depth look at three of our lenses that safeguard from blue light.

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Fast Facts on Blue Light

What makes blue light harmful? Where is it found? How do Transitions lenses help? This quick read has all the answers.

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How Do Transitions® Lenses Filter Blue Light?

This comprehensive white paper by Transitions® Optical R&D Scientific Director Giles Baillet and Innovation Product Manager Bérangère Granger details the role that light play in visual experience and Transitions® lenses role in protecting the eye from harmful blue light.

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Blue Light: Getting Technical.

These technical notes will provide helpful information on Transitions® lenses role in protecting your patients eyes from the harmful effects of blue light. Get to know blue light – and blue light protection – from Transitions point of view.

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Chemist’s Challenge: Transitions® XTRActive® Lenses

This comprehensive tech paper presents the science behind the unique benefits of Transitions XTRActive lenses, offering your patients extra protection from light, virtually everywhere. Learn how unique technology is helping your patients who spend more time outdoors and in the car, are particularly light sensitive, and are interested in products with increased functionality.

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