Transitions<sup>®</sup> XTRActive<sup>®</sup> new generation

Transitions® XTRActive® new generation

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Our new generation of XTRActive lenses deliver the best extra darkness and the best extra light protection [1] from intense light indoors and outdoors, even in the car. Transitions® XTRActive® new generation lenses filter up to 45% of blue-violet light* indoors, and up to 86% of blue-violet light outdoors. [2] These lenses are for wearers who are very light sensitive and for wearers who are exposed to very bright light outdoors.

Transitions XTRActive new generation lenses are now available in gray, brown, graphite green and in six style mirrors. Additional details about materials and designs can be found in the digitized product availability guide.

Request your Transitions® XTRActive® premium kit today!

Kit includes:

  • Transitions Portfolio ECP Guide
  • Transitions XTRActive new generation Demo Lens Card (gray)
  • Consumer Brochures
  • Dispensing Mat Insert
  • Transitions XTRActive® Polarized Multi-Surface Cling
  • Transitions XTRActive new generation Multi-Surface Cling
  • Dispensing Mat

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