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Addressing Concerns

Top 6 patient questions and how to respond.

1. Do Transitions® lenses work in the car?

Transitions® Signature® lenses were designed with a unique formula (or blend) of photochromic dyes, which are "tuned" to activate when exposed to the sun's UV rays. If your customer is looking for a lens that works in the car, this is a great opportunity for you to recommend a second pair of prescription sunglasses.

2. Does my insurance cover Transitions lenses?

Every vision insurance plan varies. It is important to review the benefit with your customers (after making a full recommendation) and position any benefit as a discount to the overall cost of their lenses.

3. Aren't those the lenses that look old-fashioned?

Customers that bring up negatives about the aesthetics of Transitions lenses are often referencing previous product generations. Helping customers understand today's technology is the perfect way to overcome old product perceptions. Also, make sure your optical staff are fitted with Transitions lenses so that they can show customers how great the product looks.

4. How quickly do Transitions Signature lenses change?

Transitions Signature lenses activate and darken quickly outdoors, then fade-back fast indoors. Some customers may express concerns about slow fade-back time because of older technologies. Show customers the product, particularly if you are wearing Transitions Signature lenses yourself – and explain to them the enormous technology leaps. Transitions lenses have come a long way since they were first introduced.

5. How dark do Transitions Signature lenses get?

Transitions Signature lenses achieve significant darkness outdoors. As with any photochromic lens, overall darkness is affected by a number of factors, including UV light and temperature. Transitions Signature lenses provide the best balance of outdoor darkness and indoor clarity.

6. I don't think I can afford them. Aren't they expensive?

It's often useful to help price conscious customers understand the Transitions lens purchase in the context of their overall eyewear solution. Emphasizing the value of the product and importance of their eye health and comfort can help customers understand why this decision is so critical.