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Doctor Driven Dispensing – Sample Scripts

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Sample Scripts. Doctor Driven Dispensing engages you, your patient and the dispensing optician in a three-step interaction that will help make your patients’ acceptance of your specific suggestions that much easier. Step 1 is your recommendation of a particular product or solution. Step 2 is the reinforcement of that recommendation in the presence of the optician and “handing off” that recommendation in a way that confers your authority onto the optician. Step 3 is the optician’s reinforcement and restatement of your original recommendation. The end result is a patient who feels part of the process and confident in the solutions suggested.

These two scripts provide a good illustration of Doctor Driven Dispensing in action. Download them and adapt them to your own practice, your own patients and your own needs.

Script 1: An active patient’s annual checkup reveals a need to be able to read up close and mitigate sensitivity to bright light. See how one eyecare professional uses Doctor Driven Dispensing techniques to introduce this patient to Transitions® XTRActive® lenses.

Script 2: A new patient comes into a practice for the first time. See how an eyecare professional can immediately make this patient feel comfortable and engaged as well as introduce her to the benefits of Transitions® lenses with AR.

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