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Healthy Sight Counseling – ABO/COPE Training

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Healthy Sight Counseling. This course presents a 3-pronged approach to helping your patients achieve healthy sight. At its core are strategies for the enhancement of your patients’ overall everyday quality of vision and the preservation of their long-term ocular health. The goal: help them to see well now and in the future and build your practice on fundamentals that allow you to do that.

ABO and/or COPE credits may be available. Please note that state accreditation requirements apply and will affect applicable certifications.

You may use this FREE CE Voucher Code, complements of Transitions: TE-PROSITE. With this special CE Voucher Code, you will have an opportunity to enter it at the end of your multiple-choice test. This allows you to complete the course at no charge. The only courses that can be used with your FREE CE Voucher are listed in the Transitions Course Menu of the site. You may take as many courses as you would like from menu using the same code. To get started, just write down the code and click on the Open Resource button to begin.

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