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Doctor Driven Dispensing – Training Video

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The Passing Of Authority

Video Illustration. Doctor Driven Dispensing engages you, your patient and the dispensing optician in a three-step interaction that will help make your patients’ acceptance of your specific suggestions that much easier. Step 1 is your recommendation of a particular product or solution. Step 2 is the reinforcement of that recommendation in the presence of the optician and “handing off” that recommendation in a way that confers your authority onto the optician. Step 3 is the optician’s reinforcement and restatement of your original recommendation. The end result is a patient who feels part of the process and confident in the solutions suggested.

This video, hosted by Dr. Pete Kehoe, will provide you with an in-depth overview of Step 2, the passing of the doctor’s authority to the optician. You’ll also see this in action as Dr. Kehoe and his optician work together to meet the needs of their patient.