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EyeGlass Guide

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The EyeGlass Guide. Each year, more than 250,000 eyeglass and contact lens wearers look to the EyeGlass guide for information on the lenses, premium lens treatments and products that are right for them. An interactive tool for building the ultimate pair of glasses. A practice locator. An online resource for education and product information. It’s all part of the EyeGlass Guide experience and all designed to connect patients with you – the ultimate eyeglass guide. Help your current patients. Attract new ones. And grow your practice!

  • Easily link to the EyeGlass guide from your own website. For more information how to do this, click here.
  • Share educational and product information with your associates.
  • Use the EyeGlass Guide as an extra touch point with your patients.
  • Train patients to think about their lenses and lens treatments first!
  • Proven to increase patient selection of premium lenses and lens products.

It Starts With You. You are the ultimate eyeglass guide. The EyeGlass Guide web site, the interactive quiz, educational videos and information on a range of lens options and treatments are all designed to help support you in your efforts to provide your patients with the eyewear that's right for them.

There is a regular website that contains the Practice Locator which Transitions uses to promote and advertise in an effort to bring patients to your door. However, we have another version created special for eyecare practices that does not contain the Practice Locator, This is the version to link your patients to from your practice website.